Pencil dresses are not new in the fashion industry. They were there for several years, and we have witnessed all sorts of changes in this classic dress, from bandage dresses to frumpy-esque matching tweed sets.

Pencil dresses have had their highs and lows regarding their place in the market. But, according to me, they are making a big coming back this year. In fact, theĀ best online womens fashion Australia based stores are all set to stack their display racks with this beautiful attire.

Pencil Dresses

The look of these bandage dresses is definitely outstanding. We have often seen women wearing dresses that look wedged onto them. But nowadays, in its place, women are wearing knee-length pencil dresses that give them an astonishing look.

Well-tailored fitted pencil styles not only flaunt your figure, in a classic and flattering way but give a look of class and sophistication. Pencil dresses are available in the stores in a huge variety of colors, materials, necklines and fashion features, for example, peplums.

Short Dresses

Paired with a pair of stilettos, a stylish clutch, and a big fascinator, theseĀ vintage pencil dresses can easily make you a star in casual as well as formal occasions like a family wedding. You may also team them up with an oversized hat and a pair of big wedges.

Nowadays, people enjoy going to events like polo and racing. Some time ago, sports events were attended only by the riches, but with tickets being more affordable and available to the ordinary people it gives everyone a reason to get dressed up and feel a bit more special for that day.

Vintage Pencil Dresses

There are very fewer occasions in life where we get an opportunity to look dazzling and the best thing about a vintage pencil dress is its flexibility to work as a smart work dress to an elegant event dress with just the right set of accessories and a touch of makeup!