DUI is a serious offense with serious consequences. Some of the consequences you have to confront when charged with DUI comprise:

  • Loss of license
  • Loss of auto insurance
  • Paying stiff fines
  • Probation
  • Impoundment of vehicle

DUI is a massive procedure. With all this complex process ahead of you following a DUI arrest, obtaining a legal aid can be a significant help that guides you through the state law system and court proceedings.

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An experienced and efficient DUI defense attorney can help get your fees and penalties reduced and also get your case dismissed. So make a priority of hiring a DUI attorney as soon as possible. Do not worry if you cannot afford one, the court will assign a public defender for you.

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Below are a few things you can help your DUI attorney for the positive outcome of your situation:

Write down the facts:

Writing down all the details of this event soon after your arrest will help your attorney to offer the best legal service to you.

List down your own questions:

You can list down all your doubts and questions you would like to ask your attorney prior to your meeting.

Collect all of the legal documents:

Gathering all of the papers and documents related to your case and carrying them with you whenever you're meeting up with your attorney.

Gather your eyewitness:

Gathering your eyewitness plays the main role in defending your case. So collect your eyewitness and possess a written statement from them. This can be among the massive assistance to your lawyer.