It is very important to have the best representation possible, if you want to be successful in a tax audit process. If you are able to make good choices, then it will surely make a difference.

As the taxpayers do not have to deal with the audits every day, there are some suggestions that they often overlook.

CPA Tax Audit Services

Carry on reading to know about the different tax audit representation options:


For most of the people, audit is a complex and overwhelming process. But there are some, who does not at all find it difficult.

A tax audit often requires additional information and documents to support income and write-offs that that has been claimed. If you have all the source documents, you don’t have to worry.

But if do not, you may require help from outside. CPA Toronto lawyers may assist you on your case well.

Tax Preparer

Tax Preparer

If you are not sure that you can handle the audit yourself, in this situation you can also permit your tax preparer to reply on your behalf. This permission can be given only if income tax return rules allow the CPA to directly contact the tax preparer.


An advocate that is an expert in income tax cases can also represent you in tax audits.

CPA Tax Audit

You may need a tax attorney if you are having difficulties with wrong tax filing, payroll tax reporting for business owners and back taxes that you owe. You may search online to know the about the tax audit Toronto process in detail.


If you are not able to collect and arrange the information on your own, you may consider an accountant for your help. Most often, the business owners need assistance for organizing their sales tax, financial reports, business tax filings and payroll tax.

The accountant can assist you in preparation of explanations of accounting changes and deductions that you have claimed on the tax return.