Everything in this world has its own lifespan. In this technological era, our smartphones, laptops and other smart products have its own importance and we care for it more than our life.


Smart Products

What will be your reaction when I say to get insurance of smart product with the lowest premiums? Feeling shocked? You might be thinking does smart product have insurance at all. Yes! you read it right. Assurance company is now not limited to life insurance only. It is the most recent concept, therefore, most of us don’t know about it.

So,  let’s discuss in detail, why do we need sfam assurance and major benefits of assurance policy that you don’t about it.

What is Insurance of Smart Products mean?

Insurance is an investment in which insured (the person who buys insurance) get protection from unseen circumstances such as theft, natural disaster, fire etc. It remains for a specific period and when the term ends insured will get the lump sum amount from the insurer (the entity which provides insurance).


Insurance of smart product means you get an insurance policy for your smart products. You prepare yourself for the worst from the very beginning. You kept an eye to future and prepare yourself well.

Why do we need insurance of smart products?

We have a variety of smart products in your home viz a viz Alexa Smart Home Assistance, Smart DVR, Smart Home Security Camera, Smart Light System and many more. All these electronic gadgets are a subject to the risk of damage.

Alexa Smart Assitance

They are prone to hardware and software failure due to unseen circumstances such as a drop or other accidents. Besides software or hardware complications, cracking, water spillage, theft and many more….these are the unseen scenarios in which we are helpless and have to compromise with the situation. Now you need not to compromise what you need is to get an insurance policy for your smart products so that your loss could be compensated. Now you have peace in mind after the damage to your smart products that you get insurance in correct time.

Benefits of Smart Products Insurance

  • To have a smart products insurance policy in hand is a smart choice you have made if you are having a history of dropping things or water spillage. You have prepared yourself for the worst.
  • If your smart products get damaged you get an immediate replacement so that your daily work would not hamper.
  • Based upon your premium interests according to your policy you can get the exact same model which you’ve used.
  • If you want to safeguard it from theft, natural disaster or fire, an insurance policy can be very helpful in this regard.
  • The process of filing a claim under the insurance policy is easy and you got the satisfying results.

Last but not the least a token of advice for all the readers who have been reading this till the end:

  1. Always keep a copy of your smart product’s receipt in a safe place.
  2. Always buy relevant insurance according to your need.  
  3. While taking the insurance policy to be sure to take that one which has extended warranty in order to safeguard your smart products.

Check it out here to know why insurance company started insurance for the smart product, what the main motive behind this, why is this important for you? This will surely clear all your doubts.