Whatever your needs, you will find different limousine services provider that will meet them. Most limo providers are equipped with unique cars to match unique occasions. In this guide, we’ll discuss the limousines that most of theĀ Atlantis limo service uses. Continue reading.

Lincoln Limousine

Lincoln is a renowned company that boasts uniqueness in its own limousines. Limos created by Lincoln are remarkably different from others since they have a certain flair of courses and luxury that you can’t see in other cars.

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Lincoln limos are furnished with modern conveniences such as a halo lights, hands-free intercom, AM/FM radio and full sized back windows. Other features include overhead control center controls, overlay carpeting and floor lights.

Hummer Limousine

MostĀ Nassau airport transfers have a Hummer limousine. This sort of limo is the ideal one to use if you’re going out with a huge group of friends. A normal Hummer limousine can accommodate up to twenty-four individuals. This limo is regarded as a head turner.

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Its inside is furnished with the best perks that you can see in a limousine, such as, bars, stereo, video game consoles and fiber optics. A number of them even feature lava lamps, karaoke machines, chrome wheels to boot and flat-screen televisions.

Party Bus

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If you are a party animal and you want to party on the go, this is the best vehicle for you. Limo services providers also offer party Buses complete with dance poles and onboard audio hub. Limo buses have enough space for you to dance and celebration. A normal party bus can seat up to forty people.

These are just some limos that you can ask about from limousine services providers. Do not hesitate to ask the service provider about the specs of those vehicles and don’t hesitate to select the one which will very best suit your needs.