To stretch the traditional sources of working capital many financial institutions come into existence. The main motive of these financial institutions is to fulfill the working capital needs of small business industry.

There are a number of financial institutions to assist you with their investing money. But the thing is to choose the best among them, such as the merchant financial services provider, to avail the best services, the guarantee, and insurance policy.


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These financial service providers can be classified into the following three categories:

Financial Planner

In order to meet your planned goal without any cash overflow, financial planner or financial service provider helps you with a complete financial plan for your business. You can hire a financial planner depending on your financial requirements.

The need of accounts receivable factoring companies or finance provider has increased over the last few years. Finance planner not only helps you in getting your goal but also assure you with enough working capital at every phase of business life cycle.

Stock Brokers


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Stockbroker or sharebroker are professionals who buy and sell securities for their clients. They have in-depth knowledge of the stock market and people prefer to associate with them for security and result-oriented investment of money. The main principle of these stock broker is to earn high commision form their client, therefore they regulated your money in stock market wisely to make their own out of this.

Investment Advisers

Investment advisers are supposed to make investment recommendations regarding securities or conduct security analysis. They manage all the investment portfolio for their clients and work as a mediator between the client and stock brokerage firms to make the buying and selling decision.

This is up to you to authorize your investment adviser to trade for you without asking for your permission or with your permission. But as the nature of the stock market is unpredictable, the prices of stock fluctuate frequently. Sometimes you can face remarkable increasing and decreasing market quotation in a single trading day. So it highly recommended going with the investment adviser.

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