Nurses play an important role in medical care. They provide essential care to patients and attend to patients' requirements and perform basic duties.

direct nursing

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Types of nurses

Certified Nurse Assistant or CNA –  They are known as a nursing aide or as Home Health Aides or HHAs. They work under a registered nurse's supervision and assist patients in their daily tasks.

Their main role is to closely observe their patient's health status, reactions to medication and treatment and upgrade their supervisor or the registered nurse. They work in hospitals but they can also be found in nursing homes, hospice facilities, private homes, and adult living facilities.

Registered Nurse or RN – Registered nurses can perform various duties including providing remedies, teaching patients and family members about a patient's medical condition and treatment, and they can supply them guidance and emotional support. 

Registered nurses are diploma or degree holders and they can opt to further their career by acquiring advanced education in different specialties about particular conditions, areas within the body or a certain kind of patient for example kids or an area in the hospital like the Emergency Room or Running Room. 

Public Health Nurse  –They are registered nurses who focus on the area of public health. They travel to individuals' homes, community facilities and schools. They work with families and individuals to present accessible medical solutions to health issues in particular communities.

Licensed Practical Nurse – Licensed practical nurses to work in hospitals, private houses, clinics, and long-term care centers providing basic services to patients.

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