Canvas is a term that is used as a support for the arts. The material can be synthetic fibers (very rare), linen (a more expensive option is considered a top-level), or cotton duck (most unusual). There are various different materials available so let's see in detail.


Generally, this type of material is considered as the top-level thread into cotton canvas since actually thinner (small) and weave stiff. (And the Belgian linen canvas best of all kinds of linen.) Images linen are one of their kind with a completely smooth surface that will be perfect for painting. You can also look for artwork for sale online.

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Cotton Duck

Canvas type has not anything to do with duck canvas but they are the most popular and least expensive to paint. They appeared on the loom (how hard the separate threads get woven) and some weights (weight).


Canvas type is typically made from watercolor. They are not "average canvas" with a different signature on them. And they are truly unique to paint with the help of watercolor on paper.

Synthetic fibers

The majority of the painter actually biased towards the type of canvas, because they are not traditional. Basically, you can apply the material to the canvas, the fiber they offer really strong to withstand the weight of the primary and you can paint without a tear or strain.