It would be a bit confusing for beginners to understand live betting odds and how this betting line works. Although these betting lines are not that difficult to understand. To make it simple, the betting line can be divided into four subcategories such as Point spread bets, money line bets, Point total bets, Proposition bets.

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Point Spread bet

As the name itself suggest, a number is forecasted by the oddsmaker or bookie and by that betted difference of score a strong team has to defeat the weaker one. That means if you bet with the spread , then to cash out you will need your favorite team to win with that forecasted number.

If a team wins with a lesser difference of points than a betted number than you will end up getting nothing. It is a common practice of using half-point while fixing the difference to prevent pushes as no team can score a half point.

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Moneyline bets

If you are not up for taking the stress of Point spread betting it’s not your fault. There is no fun taking a team and watch them winning in a stunning way with lesser difference than betted. Moneylines are generally used in low scoring games such as tennis, soccer, beach volleyball, hockey, and many more.

In this, you just have to pick a team and cheer for their winning. It won’t matter if they win by 1 point or 21 points, you will win your bet once they win the match. The only catch is that you have to lay more money in order to turn a decent profit

Point Total Bet

As the name suggests, in this type of gamble you need to make bet over a total number of points scored by both the teams collectively during the given game. If the total score goes above the number you choose then you win the bet. You can get many betting odds APIi which can help you place your bets easily.

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Proposition Bets

These are the kind of bets in which you make a prediction over some instance to take place while proceeding of the game. If that thing happens then you win the bet. Some of these things involve: will a player score a point, will he be awarded penalty and so on.

You can make money from betting over games if you have correct knowledge about it.You can get more information over sport betting odds api and how they are useful on the internet.