A compressor is a machine that compresses air or gas. Compression is achieved by reducing the volume occupied by gas.

The higher the compression ratio, the higher the temperature tends to rise. However, compressor manufacturers consider this. The problem is solved by compressing the stages and at the same time cooling the gas.

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There are many types of compressors. Different types of compressors produce different compression ratios. In addition, the horsepower that can be achieved by various compressors varies from 1 to 2 HP (Horsepower), up to several thousand HP. Some compressors require oil to operate while others do not.

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The most important compressor designs are listed below.

The reciprocating compressor is equipped with a crankshaft, which drives the piston. They are generally found in versions that produce 5 to 30 HP. However, the larger one used for industrial purposes can produce up to 1,000 HP.

Centrifugal compressors are used for heavy industrial purposes. Centrifugal compressors produce from 100 HP to several thousand HP. They are usually silent, and one of their applications is a small gas turbine engine.

Swivel screw compressors are compressors intended for commercial use. Their horsepower varies from 5 to 500 HP, and they are usually used as superchargers in car engines.

Diagonal flow compressors are similar to centrifugal compressors except for some technical characteristics. Axial flow compressors are mostly used on large gas turbine engines.

Scroll compressors are not as efficient as rotary screw compressors. They can be found as superchargers in automotive.