Electronic Procurement is defining the procurement automation and supply chain processes with the help of internet-related applications and technology. With the help of this technology, ERP systems (Enterprise resource planning) can be improved that supports the automation system at a massive level. Standards and quality remain maintained with smoother communication with the help of E-Procurement. These are additional information related to the advantages of E-Procurement.

  1. Reduces Transaction Time –With the help of E-Procurement, more time will be saved and more work will be done in an efficient manner. Transactions will be done in lesser time and there will be no human interventions and errors.
  2. Electronic Catalogue –When e-catalogues are made, it provides organizations the benefit of marketing their product on electronic devices. This makes it perfect not just for the seller but for the buyer as well. Plus, you buyers will be able to see the exact pricing based on the product in a transparency manner.
  3. Increased Standardization –Since the e-catalogues are introduced, suppliers are using this opportunity to sell their products in a more standardized manner. This has allowed the buyers to compare the product prices and details with other e-catalogues.
  4. Wider Spread Supplier Bases –Since e-procurement portals are based on internet platform, it allows buyers to search for wider selection of products and services from various suppliers. However, as a customer you will have to check with the time and cost of shipping for the delivery after a product is ordered. This gives you a sense that the product may be delivered even though you are located in a different location.

There are public procurement courses that teaches about e-procurement.