Different Types of Portable Storage Containers

Written by Bradley Underwood


As there are different types of storage containers, there are also different portable storage container types. There are sixteen types of storage containers, portable or otherwise, according to a statistical study.

The most common type of storage containers is the dry storage container. As its name suggests, it is used for shipping dry materials. In addition, families who are moving house use this type of storage container. Sizes of this type typically range from 10’ to 40’.

A Refrigerated ISO type is the opposite of a dry container. It is used in storing and shipping perishable items such as food and medicines. Disaster relief teams will usually have this type of portable storage container in their temporary command centers. A similar type is the insulated/thermal container.

To those who are transporting large and tall materials and equipment, the flat rack container with collapsible sides and the open top container are the most suitable ones to use.

p-3Double door containers and open side containers are those types that are preferred to be used when delivering goods and materials to disaster-stricken areas. It is because their designs allow for greater flexibility in loading and unloading. This, in turn, saves disaster relief workers a lot of precious time and energy. There are two other types of a portable storage container that are similar to these types: the cargo storage roll container and the half height container. All these four types allow for rapid and easy movement of goods. Especially when transporting relief materials, these types are perfectly suited for this purpose.

The other types do not have a portable version. They are drums, tanks, car carriers, intermediate bulk shift containers, special purpose containers (used for transporting weapons and arsons), and swap bodies. Their usages explain the reason why they do not have portable counterparts.

Regardless of their types, most storage containers are metal-based containers. Some are steel-based while others are plastic-based. Experts say that metal-based containers are the most durable of all types.

In terms of size, the most commonly used are the 20’ standard and the 20’ high cube containers and the 40” and the 40” high cube containers. These sizes are ISO-standard sizes.

To Rent or to Purchase?

Renting a portable storage container seems to be a better option if it is intended to be used only once. A perfect example is that of a family or a small-sized business that is relocating to their new home or office. Purchasing a storage container in such a case does not seem to be a wise decision. After the relocation, where would the container be used? It might still serve them a purpose as a permanent storage device, but there is no guarantee of other uses beyond that.

On the other hand, those who are constantly on the go will find purchasing their own storage containers more economical. The only concern here is the budget. It is a given that storage containers are costly. Many consumers are not able to cope with the high price of storage containers. This is one of the main reasons why moving companies offer storage containers to be rented. Unfortunately, the rent to own option is not yet being offered by such companies. Even so, some companies are giving their consumers the option of purchasing the equipment that they are renting.

When renting storage containers, customers are required to pay up-front the charges that include the delivery fee, the pick-up fee, and the first monthly fee. The lead time for the delivery of the rented storage container is normally 3-4 business days after the confirmation of the order and the payment of the up-front charges. Some companies might have a slightly different timeframe, though.

Advice for Getting Misters

Written by Tom Frederic

There are so many different misters out there that finding the right one can be a huge problem. Most people only know mist fans as those machines they often see outdoors. These people don’t really have much of a clue which mist fan to get.

Learning how to buy the best mist fan possible won’t be easy, but it won’t be something that’d take too much of a person’s time. People just need to take the time to sit down and read, so that they can learn a few things that can make their lives easier. Here are a few tips for those who want to learn about getting the right misters.

Understanding how mist fans work

Before anything else, people need to know a little bit of how these mist fans work. Don’t worry; a degree in astrophysics won’t be a requirement for learning how these things work.

Mist fans are basically electric fans with water pump systems. Such a fan has an electric motor connected to a metal rod, which is connected to three curved blades. The motor spins when an electric current is fed to it. The three blades draw the air from the back and blow it forward.

The water pressure system sprays a fine mist composed of tiny water particles that gets mixed with the air the mist fan blows. The tiny droplets are so small that they evaporate almost immediately. These droplets absorb heat energy from the air, thus making it cooler through a process known as evaporative cooling.

Looking for misters

The easiest way to find mist fans is to look for them on the internet. The internet is the best tool that a person can use to find a mist fan. There are so many mist fan manufacturers on the internet.

Consumers will find it difficult to go through all the different options that are listed on the internet.

Some of the best manufacturers have paid for ads on search engine result pages. These manufacturers are often reliable. Few companies would dare to have paid for ads on the internet. This is because the companies that can afford to have paid for ad space on the internet are companies that are confident that they’ll get a return on their investment. Only successful companies take that risk.

A caveat though – seeing a paid-for ad on the internet isn’t a sure sign that a particular brand is reliable. It’s just a really good indicator, but is by no means a sure thing.

Those who have an aversion for the internet can opt to look for a few mist fans at nearby hardware stores or appliance centers. These retail outlets often have a few mist fans lying around. The nice thing about buying mist fans from brick and mortar stores is that consumers can test the product. Testing the product is the best way to find out if it works and whether it can satisfy the consumer’s needs.

Brick and mortar stores also have sales representatives that can answer any questions that consumers might have. Shopping on the internet doesn’t provide that kind of customer care.

Reading reviews

Another important thing to take note of is the reviews on mist fans. The internet is a vast expanse of readable content. Those who want to know which mist fan models are good or bad only need to go online to find reliable information on them. It can take some time to slog through them all, but in the end it’ll be worth it if the reader can get passed the mendacity of how some companies sell faulty misters.

Auramist’s 30” misters are designed specifically for larger areas such as restaurants, factories, and warehouses.

Employee Engagement: What is the Other Companies Doing?

Written by Shawn Dorsey

Recent studies show that about four out of 10 employees are not engaged globally. In the United States alone, the scenario is worse. About 70 percent of US employees do not enjoy and like their job which results to being emotionally disconnected from their organizations. They tend to become less productive.

HR leaders strive hard to create employee engagement. Employees who are engaged with their job and the people they work with are committed with the organization to be focused on achieving the overall targets and goals. Engaged employees are also motivated to contribute to establish healthy work environment.

employee engagementEmploying disengaged employees can be a leading factor of unsuccessful business. This includes unmet target revenues; can drag other employees to be disengaged as well, sub-standard products, unsatisfied customers and dropping sales.

Beyond social, psychological and salary fulfillment can say which employees are committed and motivated to perform, contribute and stay with an organization to succeed with them. There are existing companies who nail employee engagement. They completely understand that aligning the skills and talents and motivating to reach high levels of performance are the requirements to capture the hearts of the employees.

Fostering the Corporate Culture

So what are the factors of employee engagement? Actually, it differs from each person and from geographical location. But it is largely connected to the happenings of the organizations and leveling it with the work experiences of the cultural needs of the employees. For instance, a study shows that in some parts of the world, financial rewards is a key factor to make an employee satisfied and engaged with their work. On the other hand, in other parts of the glove, simple involvement and connections are what really matters to them. Answering the basic needs of a person – the sense of belongingness and feeling connected is bigger than anything else.

Employee Engagement: What Works for Your Company

What works depends on the company size, location, industry, and the amount of resources that a company is willing to invest on establishing its culture, philosophy, values and the engagement of the people. There are common factors that are present in the fully engaged workplaces.

These companies understand what their employees want. For you to get the pulse of the workforce, conduct engagement surveys to know what your employees are thinking. Some use the technology – the social media to be intimate with their employees. For instance, a company provides executives and associates to participate on live forum discussions or healthy discussions to share their thoughts. This particular company got 4,500 of its employees around 11,000 to participate online. In engaging your employees, their voice is the number consideration.

Establish an intentional culture. A globally known company created a work environment for their employees where life can be convenient. They go beyond offering on-site laundry service and free gourmet food. This company values the opinions of their new associates and current employees through forming committees. It offers playful work environment.

Another company promotes the engagement of their employees through constant reminder of the organization’s values that is shown through programs for the employees.

There is a company that takes employee engagement seriously. They have this culture of thanking their employees through acknowledging and honouring top performers during the annual company-wide celebration; or through giving monetary rewards.

The sample companies commit themselves to honest communication to engage their employees. Each employee understands the existence of their work to the company. They know the answer to the “Why do I need to do my job correctly?” In these companies, collaboration and cooperation are valued. Teams and departments communicate globally in order to get the job done successfully.

Live Chat Support: Humanizing Internet Business

Written by Walter Quinn

As popular as automated and digitized business transactions are today, there is still a significant percentage of customers that prefer to do their business the human way. That is, through face-to-face transaction in a traditional business setting. Live chat provides a way to simulate a person-to-person transaction, and thus make online transactions more akin to a traditional business.

live chatPeople crave for a balance between the automation of transactions provided by online businesses and the intimacy of the traditional market haggling that, in many cases, can lead to the establishment of enduring relationship between sellers and buyers. A live support chat is the key to striking that balance.

Instant chat support programs are controlled and managed by actual persons, unlike in straight-up online transactions where the buyer is most likely dealing with a machine. The thought that another person is at the other end makes customers relaxed. The existence of a chat support makes the customer lose the suspicion that exist when customers are dealing directly with an automated responder.

Another feature of live chat that humanizes online business transactions is its corrective ability. Because live support programs are handled by actual human agents, correcting an erroneous response can be done in a matter of seconds. This is not true where a business transaction is done without the intervention of an actual person. For instance, an erroneous transaction may be corrected only after several days when the network administrator or any other employee of the website discovers the glitch. That situation may not occur if there is a live chat software and service integrated into the e-commerce website.

Personalization is another great feature of live support chat. It happens a lot of times that automated responses do not fit squarely to the situations where they are applied. When a website offers an inaccurate and inappropriate pre-defined message as answer to a query, the result is not only embarrassing and awkward, but may actually mean losing a customer. This situation can be remedied by a live support agent, who can ensure that the responses provided to customers are tailored for them.

Having an actual person answer questions and offer solutions is very important in sensitive businesses where the services or products offered are not generic. This ensures that there will be no problems that may arise in the future, or that the misunderstandings are immediately remedied.

Moreover, live agents also help ensure that the invasiveness of the system is controlled. Automated responses can be invasive, not to mention annoying. And these two combined is an effective way to drive away business. With a live support chat agent, this situation can be avoided. However, it must be emphasized that the agents must be trained well in proper decorum to ensure that they are not brazen and inconsiderate when performing their assigned tasks.

Many customers find it disrespectful when they are offered something that they did not ask for, unless what is being offered is a gift with no strings attached. Hence, live agents must know when to upsell or market a new product. This is not a problem if the agents are properly trained. The same cannot be said, though, if it is a machine that performs the upselling and marketing. Chances are, the machine will rely on keyword cues to trigger a task without regard for the appropriateness of the situation.

Finally, a live chat software may collect personal information from customers without their consent. There may not be a problem if the information is not used. However, if the collection was done by a program without human intervention, the information gathered will most likely be used by the machine to send marketing emails, among others. With live chat support, the use of the information is not left to the machine to decide, but to the agent who knows whether doing so is appropriate or not. This way problems are avoided and goodwill with customers is maintained.

Warnings Associated With Lackluster SEO Practices

Written by Nathan Mangum

There are some companies that are taking a lot of shortcuts when it comes to SEO. You may find yourself using one of them, and not even know it. It becomes imperative that you look into warnings associated with the lackluster solutions that abound today. There are a lot of tell-tale signs that a company is not doing the right thing to promote your pages, and it can be drastic in terms of generating traffic. You’ll find that you get a lot of attention for a short span of time, and after some time you will get delisted from search results. At that point, the company you’re working with will most likely curtail their process or chock it up to the internet world, and another cycle of the wrong implementation may occur.

Watch Out For Overnight Success:

You will not be able to shine overnight. SEO PracticesIf you see that your page is getting a lot of traffic from one source, or you see that you have a lot of backlinks pointing to your site in a 24 hour frame of time, be careful. That is one way to ensure that search engines throw up red flags. Don’t allow anyone to do SEO work within a short span of time. If you end up doing that, or you allow a company to take this kind of shortcut, you will end up losing out in the long term.
Links From Bad Areas

One of the worst things that you can do for your website is to have it linked from a variety of negative locales. If you have a website that is in the music category, and you gain thousands of links from adult websites, or pages that are about dogs, you will not get the same kind of influence that you would if you were to get links from music related sites. Relevance matters a great deal, but some companies aren’t really bothering with that. They are looking for a quick buck, and link your site to the wrong things.

No Results At All:

There is always going to be a company out there promising to get you to the top of search engines, and then deliver nothing as a result. If you find yourself dealing with a company that promises you the world, but offers no guarantees, or loses your trust amidst setting up strategy, walk away. You don’t want to give money to a company that will not deliver with a guarantee. Successful companies within the world of search engine optimization not only do things with caution, they ensure results are had within a decent span of time.

The solutions found here are just some of the things that you need to watch out for. Do not assume that all optimization companies have your best interest. Making sure that your site isn’t flagged, delisted or lost can be a very important thing to follow through with. SEO is not something that happens overnight or that is done once and that’s it. It’s an ever evolving solution for engagement and traffic generation.