Breakpoint Trades offers something for everyone, whether you are a fast Day Trader, a Swing Trader, and or you like to hold stocks for the long term to catch a trend.

Empowering The Individual Trader/Investor
Breakpoint Trades is an online company that specializes in empowering the individual trader/investor through technical analysis. We provide a daily list of stock picks that is among the best anywhere on the net, no matter what the market conditions. Breakpoint Trades also specializes in market timing and forecasting through sector/index analysis. No matter if you are a day trader, a short-term swing trader, or a long term trader, Breakpoint Trades provides something for you.

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Something For Everyone
Day Traders and Swing Traders: Why waste your time spending countless hours scanning the market for picks, when you can let us do the work for you? Our specialty is stock pattern recognition. Whether you like breakouts, flags, triangles, wedges, head and shoulders, etc., you’ll find our list to have what you’re looking for. We have a daily list of new picks, as well as picks based on recent insider buying/selling, and a story stocks section based on fundamentals.

Every Sunday, a newsletter is provided giving a wealth of information, such as a review of the previous week, as well as examining the potential market direction for the coming week and what to look for.

Breakpoint Trades offers so much that it might be confusing at first on how best to utilize this website, therefore here are some tips:

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Here you will find information about the various chart patterns and technical indicators we use at Breakpoint Trades. The goal here wasn’t to write a book or re-invent the wheel, but to cut out the fluff and include only the most important and usable information. This contains very useful and important information not found on many other trading websites.


Symmetrical Triangle Tops

Symmetrical triangle tops are neutral biased patterns that are characterized by a series of at least two lower highs along with a series of at least two higher lows that converge towards a point. The series of lows and highs can be connected with two trend lines that intersect to form a point or apex, with both the upward sloping and downward sloping lines having similar slopes. A coil is a spring that holds a large amount of energy that can be released all at once, hence Symmetrical Triangles are sometimes called coils because of their shape and to produce large percentage price movements in a short period of time.

Falling Wedges

Falling Wedges are bullish biased patterns that are characterized by a series of lower highs and lower lows that converge in a downward pattern. Two trendlines can be drawn connecting the highs and the lows resulting in a downward right-angled sloping triangle. These downward trendlines should be tested several times with the most reliable formations touching the trendlines at least 5 times. The time length or duration of the pattern should be at least three weeks, anything shorter is probably a Pennant. The volume tends to decrease during the formation of the pattern