Tips on Driving Golf Balls

Written by Dale Ferguson

Once you have practiced enough to know how to correctly hit the golf ball by tuning your swing, you should then learn how to launch the ball for different purposes. For this one, we will go through the basics of driving the ball and hitting it straight every time. This is because the sides pin of balls may cause a curvature in your shots. Correct this to straighten your shots and increase accuracy to the target line.

Some would say that hitting golf balls are easy, but hitting them straight would be a more difficult task. It is frustrating for a player to lose their shot because the ball hooked or sliced. By tuning your sing further, you can hit straight shots. This would require you to sacrifice a bit of your accuracy if you focus too much on straightening your shot, so enhance your accuracy until it is second nature to make up for this.

golf ballsThe first step is to identify what club type and number will work best for your distance and personal strength. This would determine the flex of the club that will match your swing. Below average shot distances by men are going to play better using clubs meant for seniors and women. Players who have shot distances above average should use stiffer golf clubs. Strengthen your grip by moving it in the direction of your dominant hand. Do this, but don’t increase the pressure too much, do not let your grip be too tight; your wrists and forearm muscles should be relaxed but ready for action.

Get in a good address position. An athletic, correct posture is a good position to swing from. Your legs should be about shoulder-width apart, with your weight centered on the balls of your feet. Your knees are to be slightly bent and lean a little forward from the hips. Your feet hips and shoulders should be in a plane parallel to your target line. Your shoulders may not be leveled in this position, but always follow that parallel-plane rule.

Next, position yourself to the ball. It should be opposite the instep of your back foot. Distance yourself from the ball so that your club’s head is grounded and will make solid contact when swung. Practice in the field often to enhance your swing speed and increase your shot distance. However, never change speeds mid-swing. You need a steady speed for during both the back swing and the downswing. Your wrists will naturally move during your back swing so don’t cock them at the top. This won’t help at all and you will change the angle of your swing. Many try this to add power to their shot on the golf balls, but it results in errant drives.

In driving the ball, here are a few points you need to remember:

  • Have proper equipment. Most players have eight to fifteen clubs for their play. Make sure you have a club specifically matched to your skills for a drive. A lofted driver averaging around eleven degrees will get you more consistency in your shots. Touring professionals choose to do this with 9-10 degree drivers.
  • Start with your front foot during swing to give your shot more loft when starting up. As you move for your back swing, steadily transfer your weight to your back foot. This will provide more power to your shots.
  • Even if gripping harder and adding more pressure to your grip provides results, this is largely incorrect and won’t be able to give consistent distances. The best gripping advice around says you should grip the club as if holding a bird securely but not killing it. The tighter you hold the club, the less your power will transfer to the golf balls. But holding it too loose will make your club fly! So find the best grip for your swing.
  • Keep you downswing calm and unhurried. Basically, don’t change speeds mid-swing. By letting the downswing come naturally, the club will still be accelerating on contact and transfer this to the ball upon impact.

Other than this, there are more basic tips like look at your target line carefully before and after swing. But lifting your head mid-swing will end up with a hooked ball. Also, your target is not to swing “at” the ball; you should be swinging “along” a target line you have established before moving, the ball being in the line. And lastly, trying to hit the ball with the power coming from the arms lose power and thus shorten the shot distance. Hit the ball by swinging “through” it by the target line with your whole body. That’s basically it. Other shots are learned through practice, including enhancing the height and distance of shots.

Collecting Baseball Trading Pins

Written by Robin Faircloth

Baseball is a sport that is loved by many people that it is no longer surprising to find it loaded with traditions. People’s love for this sport is not something that can be easily hidden, nor is it something they are ashamed of. Among baseball’s many traditions, baseball trading pins is just one. It is one of the outrageous ways with which fans display their love for baseball.

Trading baseball pins is another event that takes place at the end of baseball matches. It is where people exchange pins with each other to expand collections of pins exhibiting various teams’ logos. Sometimes, where trades do not proceed, conversations and friendships succeed. Baseball pins are filled with symbols and stories from each team and collector. Pins are always a good conversation starter regardless of whether the other person supports a rival team or not.

Baseball trading pins started only between athletes and officials of the Olympic Games, but it quickly overflowed to fans and other sports like baseball, football, hockey, etc. Nowadays, it has become extremely popular with baseball fans that enthusiasts of baseball trading pins not only swarm to Major League Baseball tournaments but also to Little Leagues to trade and add to their collection of baseball pins.

Baseball trading pinsThe tradition of trading pins in baseball is an interesting event. After games between rival teams, fans gather or walk up to each other to negotiate a trade. The process involved in trading is quite the opposite of the experience of watching baseball games which are overflowing with competition. Trading baseball pins is not at all about competition; rather it is about interacting with fellow enthusiasts. In trading, collectors are very kind and honest to each other; they even tell each other stories behind specific pins. Baseball trading pins really fosters a sense of camaraderie among baseball fans while also inspiring team spirit.

Baseball trading pins are collectible items. Regardless of who are playing, collectors enthusiastically participate in trades. Trading is baseball pins is as much part of the baseball season as the games themselves.

Traders or collectors do not only scavenge for their favorite teams’ pins, often they want to collect all of the pins of the teams that played in the tournament or the season. It is a collection for remembering a season and all the fun that happened then. Although winning teams’ pins tend to be regarded with higher value than losing teams’, it is not the main basis—traders collect all pins regardless.

This is why it is important for teams to pay as much attention in designing and producing their pins as in the preparation for the games.

Trading Pin Superstore offers services that will produce only superior baseball trading pins for your team. The rigour that your team put in training is matched by the passion of Trading Pin Superstore. Artists will especially draw a design that should capture the team’s essence. But if you are unsatisfied with the design, you may ask for a revision—throw in your thoughts and Trading Pin Superstore will surely accommodate them.

There are also other options and packaging styles. Trading Pin Superstore has danglers, sliders, spinners, blinkers, glitter, and bobble heads which will surely catch enthusiasts’ attention and boost their value.

What is even better is you can get your pins in a short span of time without compromising the quality of the pins. But if you are pressed for time, you may opt to choose among Trading Pin Superstore’s stock pins. They are not customized to fit your team but each surely embodies the spirit of the sport.

Lanyards as Marketing Tools

Written by Anthony Caldwell

Marketing is the process in which the value of a product or service is conveyed to the customer with the intent of selling it to them. There are four steps in marketing. These are product identification, price determination, selection of target market and development of promotional strategy. It differs from selling in that it imparts the values and meet the needs and requirements of the customer as opposed to selling which only concerns itself with the intent of parting the customer with his/her money in exchange for a product.

neck lanyardsThe last step of marketing is the development and implementation of promotional strategies. This refers to the act of raising a consumer’s awareness of a product or a service. It is further subdivided into categories and two of these are advertising and publicity. Most companies products holds events and conventions to promote their products. Freebies are mostly distributed in these events. These freebies usually are customized with the company’s logo and/or the product they are pushing. Popular freebies include cups, caps, flash drives and lanyards.

Neck lanyards, as most people are not aware of, are cords or strings worn around the neck, shoulder or wrist usually to hold an object. They are very omnipresent, ,meaning they are found everywhere- in schools, companies and events. There are several advantages of using lanyards as promotional give- away. One is that it is highly visible. Worn around the neck, usually to hold something that might easily get lost, it usually draws the eye. Unlike USB flash drives which are usually kept hidden, lanyards are always at eye level thus making it very easy to see. When people wear their lanyard freebies anywhere, the company gets free advertising.

Second, since people wear their neck lanyard anytime and everywhere, the advertising gets to every consumer demographic there is. Most people will see the company logo, be it the target market or not. This creates and raises awareness of the company and its product. Third, is the cost. Lanyards are relatively cheaper than a USB flash drive or caps. Fourth, it is gender and age sensitive. It can be worn by people at any age or gender. Unlike caps which are usually favored by men or mugs that is usually used by older people for their caffeine fix. Fifth is that it has a variety of use. A lanyard can serve multiple purposes. It can hold keys, badges, cellphones, pens and a host of other things. This makes it indispensable for everyday use such that most people will most likely wear it. Unlike a mug or a cap which has limited uses, lanyards are more likely to be used and worn. The more it is used, the more mileage the company gets in terms of free publicity and advertising. Sixth advantage is that lanyards can be used as an expression of a person’s personality.

So if a person takes a freebie, add some unique personal touch, the person will more likely flaunt the neck piece which may attract more attention to the lanyard and subsequently to the company. Seventh is the durability and longevity. Mugs break, flash drives get lost or corrupted. Lanyards, on the other hand are very durable since most are made with braided cloth and thus will last the longest of most freebies. Lastly, since the lanyard can be customized by the supplier according to the customer’s needs, it can come in a variety of colors and can be made unique for a company such that a wearer might actually be tempted to wear and keep it.

A wise company, looking for value for their money spent on promotional items should highly consider lanyards. They are everywhere and are used by everyone , thus giving more mileage in terms of publicity and advertising.

How to hire a motivational speaker

Written by Rosemary Tyson

Motivational speakers can provide the motivation, inspiration and boost your company, group, association or club need in order to be more productive. It is therefore mandatory for you to do your research before hiring a speaker for your event. A hasty decision can lead to an unproductive speaker which can cause more damage than repair.

Here are a few things you need to consider before hiring a motivational speaker for your event.

First on the list is your event’s budget. Motivational speakers don’t come in cheap. Their price ranges from $2,000.00 all the way to $100,000 per session. The budget should be your first consideration. By identifying how much your organizer is willing to shell out to pay for a speaker, you can easily set the parameters and requirements for hiring your speaker.

motivational speakersOnce the budget is established, identify which type of motivational speaker you would want to employ. Currently there are three kinds you can choose from. Funny motivational speakers use humor and laughter to convey a message. Content rich speakers are employed when the goal is to convey a lot of information in one sitting. Storytelling is another form of motivational speech that uses actual stories and experiences of the speaker to inspire a specific group of people (i.e. cancer patients, war victims, prisoners etc.)

You can find motivational speakers in three different ways. You can go old school and ask people you know who might have had the chance to employ one, for references. This is perhaps the easiest way and the most effective. You can go around and ask other associations, organizations and clubs around for their feedback. You might also want to go and contact a speaker bureau who can refer you to motivational speakers on their list. Most speaker bureaus charge a commission fee of around 25% to 30%. Keep this in mind when hiring a speaker because with this commission fee rate you will have little room for negotiation. Of course you can always resort to searching for them on your own, using search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Based on your theme, budget and preference, select the top 5 speakers that you can choose from. This is to ensure that there is plan B, C, D and E in case plan A doesn’t work to your advantage.

Start contacting your top five to determine their price and availability. Do this preferably a month or so in advance. Most companies are employing speakers nowadays and if your choice is among the most popular you might find that his schedule does not fit your event date.

Do your research about your top five choices. The following should be included in your research:



•Expertise – do they write books as well? Do they have a blog? Do they provide consultation and follow up activities.

•Testimonials of satisfied and unsatisfied customers

•Their written biography – background and experiences delivering speeches

Present your research to the committee who will decide which speaker would be invited to your event. If your research is thorough and well prepared it shouldn’t take long before they could come up with a decision. Remember that time is of the essence. You would want to book a speaker as soon as possible and to avoid last minute changes.

Once the speaker is decided, learn to negotiate. There are other means, wherein a speaker can earn money in your event. They could set up a booth where they could sell their books, a Trade show booth to sell their items or future referrals to other events that need their expertise. Compromising this way can give you the leverage to work your way around their price and bring it within your budget.

Lastly seal the deal by signing a contract identifying the terms of the agreement. This is also to ensure that come hell or high water, your speaker will be there during your event.

See the difference: Embroidered Iron on patches vs. Inkjet-printed Iron on patches

Written by Harold Payne

Patches can be way of expressing one’s own statement. Through the use of the iron-on patches, one can surely incorporate their own styles and designs to give their clothing, bags and accessories personalized feeling.  Iron-on patches is either embroidered or ink-printed patches which utilize glue as bonding agent. For many years, these two types are usually mistaken to be one and the same. These two types falls to same categorical structure so it’s no surprise that most people had these confused.

As its name states, Embroidered Iron on Patches are embroidered patches which utilize adhesive tapes as bonding agents to fabrics. It uses both concepts of embroidery and iron on technology in one setting. It encompasses two different patterns during creation. The first pattern is for the inside of the patch (Embroidery Part). Embroidery part holds the main design and style of the whole emblem. The Embroidery part fabric is thicker than the base part. Second one is the outside of the patch (Base Part). This holds the adhesive tape sturdy. The shape of the base part mostly depends on Embroidery part. It also has space interval of 2mm outlining the main image.

To make an embroidered iron on patch, here are the step by step procedures to follow:

1. Select a medium to heavy duty fabric for the patch like denims, twill, canvas or duck fabric. Hold the fabric in place using a stabilizer.

2. Sew the selected design. After sewing, remove the stabilizer and set the pattern aside.

3. Make the template for base part by holding another piece of fabric in a stabilizer. Note that there is 2mm difference in the base part and embroidery part. This is to obtain a place to land the dieline. Dieline is the signal where the embroidery part ends.

4. Outline with pencil the horizontal and vertical axis lines on both embroidery part and base part. After the outline, connect the axis (center dot). Outline again the sides with pencil, this time leaving 5mm difference between base part and embroidery. Join both sides by sewing.

5. Cut the sides up. Spray the back with heat-reactive adhesive.

6. Apply the embroidered iron on patch on the designated commodity.

Iron-on PatchesInk-printed Iron-on Patches is an image-printed patch which utilizes adhesive tapes as bonding agents to fabrics. The printed images are edited and amended by the computer which is then printed into patches using inkjet printers. It utilizes a special kind of peel-off papers which are durable and guaranteed with long lasting color even after series of washes. The peel-off papers can be sliced into preferred sizes and shape which are ideal for customizing shirts, bags and caps. Avery, HP and Epson are most popular inkjet cool peel-off paper producers nowadays and they cater peel off papers to most bookstores and online stores.

To make an ink-printed iron on patch, here are the step by step procedures to follow:

1. Set up the printer. Remember better printers produce better quality printed image. Make sure the printer and paper are compatible to each other.

2. Select the image you’re going to print. Establish the size and shape of the patch using any image-editing program available.

3. Supply one iron-on transfer paper on the feed of the printer. Click on Print command on the computer.

4. Outline the sides. Cut the excess parts of the ink-printed patches.

5. Apply the ink-printed iron on patch on the designated commodity.

Most users favor tools they can operate on their own and whatever sources are readily available in them. Preference over types of iron on patches is entirely up to the users.

Could A SEO Company Blackmail Other Sites For Link Removal?

Written by Edwyn Gray

Search engines have gotten really smart about how they rank and deliver results to the masses. In the past it was easy to figure out what was going on with these pages, but today, you’re going to find yourself at a loss if you try to figure out the algorithm for yourself. What happened this year alone is telling about the future of major search engines, in that they have penalized millions upon millions of websites for doing what can only be described as mythical SEO. The purpose of the work that many implemented within the world of optimization was to “game” the system, and for a short time it was working.

There was a virtual arms race that involved even professional companies. If you hired a SEO company in the past couple of years to work on your pages marketing, chances are that they ended up working on this sort of negative approach. What resulted from all the different pages that were online focusing on the quick fixes is telling as it has completely collapsed traffic for many sites. There’s millions of pages that received algorithmic penalties and they end up losing out in the world of marketing overall.

seoThe problem isn’t isolated to the negative issues or the penalties, the bigger problem is that some companies are using blackmail to get people to remove links that they previously purchased. This is odd, and it should be interesting to see how it all plays out, and whether or not companies will comply with this sort of demand. The issue is getting worse and many marketers are starting to warn others of the impending email push that will no doubt arrive within the next few years.

The Problem With Links

Links are grand, but when you get them in a nefarious way, they do not help you out at all. This is something that many people are finding out the hard way. In the past, if you would just buy bulk backlinks, you could end up with a ton of traffic and even rank #1 for highly competitive keywords. Today, that is no longer the case, as you will end up dealing with a variety of different problems at the helm of your marketing. Even though there are warnings against this, people still purchase bulk links from people and hope that they rank high within the world of optimization. That is something that can definitely be seen on discount websites, from classifieds to sites that only charge $5 to get work done.

The problem with these bulk bins is that if search engines find out you’re using them, you’ll get penalized and dropped from within ranking for specialized keywords. In some cases you will be completely deleted from search indexing altogether. There are some famous bloggers that have been penalized in this fashion because they broke more than just the link rule in regards to gaining market share.

The Blackmail Issue

A lot of companies that you will see online are doing what is known as negative SEO. They will purpose sabotage the reach of another person’s site, blog and will cause a great deal of frustration overall. Today, if you hire a SEO company to help you get rid of bad links, they may email people that are linking to your site and threaten them in a variety of manners. This is not a positive thing. Not only will you find that the name of your company could be mentioned, but you will have people that do not take too kindly to these threats.

If someone says no, and keeps your link in place, the company you’ve hired may in fact sabotage their SEO and will cause mire to come to your reputation as well as the company that you are competing against. This sort of issue is hard to relegate into a positive solution. Could a company do this? It’s not a matter of cloud, it’s a matter of happening right now. Look online for this and you will get a lot of different results where people have received emails, requests, and more in regards to negative SEO and blackmail if they don’t remove a link. It’s annoying, unethical, and definitely something that you want to avoid overall.

How To Avoid All of This

If you have worked with bad technique in the past, then hire a good company that will be able to erase the bad links that you’ve used and give you a fighting chance to gain market share moving forward. In order to ensure that you are able to gain market share within the world of optimization, you will need to hire the right company and have them remove negative links without blackmail. Ask about this and see if they know anything about it. If they disavow any knowledge but have been link to news posts, reviews and other issues related to this, then you will definitely find something good overall.

At the end of the day, you don’t want to deal with any of this, so make sure that you take your time with hiring the right professional to help you gain market share overall.

Different Types of Portable Storage Containers

Written by Bradley Underwood


As there are different types of storage containers, there are also different portable storage container types. There are sixteen types of storage containers, portable or otherwise, according to a statistical study.

The most common type of storage containers is the dry storage container. As its name suggests, it is used for shipping dry materials. In addition, families who are moving house use this type of storage container. Sizes of this type typically range from 10’ to 40’.

A Refrigerated ISO type is the opposite of a dry container. It is used in storing and shipping perishable items such as food and medicines. Disaster relief teams will usually have this type of portable storage container in their temporary command centers. A similar type is the insulated/thermal container.

To those who are transporting large and tall materials and equipment, the flat rack container with collapsible sides and the open top container are the most suitable ones to use.

p-3Double door containers and open side containers are those types that are preferred to be used when delivering goods and materials to disaster-stricken areas. It is because their designs allow for greater flexibility in loading and unloading. This, in turn, saves disaster relief workers a lot of precious time and energy. There are two other types of a portable storage container that are similar to these types: the cargo storage roll container and the half height container. All these four types allow for rapid and easy movement of goods. Especially when transporting relief materials, these types are perfectly suited for this purpose.

The other types do not have a portable version. They are drums, tanks, car carriers, intermediate bulk shift containers, special purpose containers (used for transporting weapons and arsons), and swap bodies. Their usages explain the reason why they do not have portable counterparts.

Regardless of their types, most storage containers are metal-based containers. Some are steel-based while others are plastic-based. Experts say that metal-based containers are the most durable of all types.

In terms of size, the most commonly used are the 20’ standard and the 20’ high cube containers and the 40” and the 40” high cube containers. These sizes are ISO-standard sizes.

To Rent or to Purchase?

Renting a portable storage container seems to be a better option if it is intended to be used only once. A perfect example is that of a family or a small-sized business that is relocating to their new home or office. Purchasing a storage container in such a case does not seem to be a wise decision. After the relocation, where would the container be used? It might still serve them a purpose as a permanent storage device, but there is no guarantee of other uses beyond that.

On the other hand, those who are constantly on the go will find purchasing their own storage containers more economical. The only concern here is the budget. It is a given that storage containers are costly. Many consumers are not able to cope with the high price of storage containers. This is one of the main reasons why moving companies offer storage containers to be rented. Unfortunately, the rent to own option is not yet being offered by such companies. Even so, some companies are giving their consumers the option of purchasing the equipment that they are renting.

When renting storage containers, customers are required to pay up-front the charges that include the delivery fee, the pick-up fee, and the first monthly fee. The lead time for the delivery of the rented storage container is normally 3-4 business days after the confirmation of the order and the payment of the up-front charges. Some companies might have a slightly different timeframe, though.

Advice for Getting Misters

Written by Tom Frederic

There are so many different misters out there that finding the right one can be a huge problem. Most people only know mist fans as those machines they often see outdoors. These people don’t really have much of a clue which mist fan to get.

Learning how to buy the best mist fan possible won’t be easy, but it won’t be something that’d take too much of a person’s time. People just need to take the time to sit down and read, so that they can learn a few things that can make their lives easier. Here are a few tips for those who want to learn about getting the right misters.

Understanding how mist fans work

Before anything else, people need to know a little bit of how these mist fans work. Don’t worry; a degree in astrophysics won’t be a requirement for learning how these things work.

Mist fans are basically electric fans with water pump systems. Such a fan has an electric motor connected to a metal rod, which is connected to three curved blades. The motor spins when an electric current is fed to it. The three blades draw the air from the back and blow it forward.

The water pressure system sprays a fine mist composed of tiny water particles that gets mixed with the air the mist fan blows. The tiny droplets are so small that they evaporate almost immediately. These droplets absorb heat energy from the air, thus making it cooler through a process known as evaporative cooling.

Looking for misters

The easiest way to find mist fans is to look for them on the internet. The internet is the best tool that a person can use to find a mist fan. There are so many mist fan manufacturers on the internet.

Consumers will find it difficult to go through all the different options that are listed on the internet.

Some of the best manufacturers have paid for ads on search engine result pages. These manufacturers are often reliable. Few companies would dare to have paid for ads on the internet. This is because the companies that can afford to have paid for ad space on the internet are companies that are confident that they’ll get a return on their investment. Only successful companies take that risk.

A caveat though – seeing a paid-for ad on the internet isn’t a sure sign that a particular brand is reliable. It’s just a really good indicator, but is by no means a sure thing.

Those who have an aversion for the internet can opt to look for a few mist fans at nearby hardware stores or appliance centers. These retail outlets often have a few mist fans lying around. The nice thing about buying mist fans from brick and mortar stores is that consumers can test the product. Testing the product is the best way to find out if it works and whether it can satisfy the consumer’s needs.

Brick and mortar stores also have sales representatives that can answer any questions that consumers might have. Shopping on the internet doesn’t provide that kind of customer care.

Reading reviews

Another important thing to take note of is the reviews on mist fans. The internet is a vast expanse of readable content. Those who want to know which mist fan models are good or bad only need to go online to find reliable information on them. It can take some time to slog through them all, but in the end it’ll be worth it if the reader can get passed the mendacity of how some companies sell faulty misters.

Auramist’s 30” misters are designed specifically for larger areas such as restaurants, factories, and warehouses.

Employee Engagement: What is the Other Companies Doing?

Written by Shawn Dorsey

Recent studies show that about four out of 10 employees are not engaged globally. In the United States alone, the scenario is worse. About 70 percent of US employees do not enjoy and like their job which results to being emotionally disconnected from their organizations. They tend to become less productive.

HR leaders strive hard to create employee engagement. Employees who are engaged with their job and the people they work with are committed with the organization to be focused on achieving the overall targets and goals. Engaged employees are also motivated to contribute to establish healthy work environment.

employee engagementEmploying disengaged employees can be a leading factor of unsuccessful business. This includes unmet target revenues; can drag other employees to be disengaged as well, sub-standard products, unsatisfied customers and dropping sales.

Beyond social, psychological and salary fulfillment can say which employees are committed and motivated to perform, contribute and stay with an organization to succeed with them. There are existing companies who nail employee engagement. They completely understand that aligning the skills and talents and motivating to reach high levels of performance are the requirements to capture the hearts of the employees.

Fostering the Corporate Culture

So what are the factors of employee engagement? Actually, it differs from each person and from geographical location. But it is largely connected to the happenings of the organizations and leveling it with the work experiences of the cultural needs of the employees. For instance, a study shows that in some parts of the world, financial rewards is a key factor to make an employee satisfied and engaged with their work. On the other hand, in other parts of the glove, simple involvement and connections are what really matters to them. Answering the basic needs of a person – the sense of belongingness and feeling connected is bigger than anything else.

Employee Engagement: What Works for Your Company

What works depends on the company size, location, industry, and the amount of resources that a company is willing to invest on establishing its culture, philosophy, values and the engagement of the people. There are common factors that are present in the fully engaged workplaces.

These companies understand what their employees want. For you to get the pulse of the workforce, conduct engagement surveys to know what your employees are thinking. Some use the technology – the social media to be intimate with their employees. For instance, a company provides executives and associates to participate on live forum discussions or healthy discussions to share their thoughts. This particular company got 4,500 of its employees around 11,000 to participate online. In engaging your employees, their voice is the number consideration.

Establish an intentional culture. A globally known company created a work environment for their employees where life can be convenient. They go beyond offering on-site laundry service and free gourmet food. This company values the opinions of their new associates and current employees through forming committees. It offers playful work environment.

Another company promotes the engagement of their employees through constant reminder of the organization’s values that is shown through programs for the employees.

There is a company that takes employee engagement seriously. They have this culture of thanking their employees through acknowledging and honouring top performers during the annual company-wide celebration; or through giving monetary rewards.

The sample companies commit themselves to honest communication to engage their employees. Each employee understands the existence of their work to the company. They know the answer to the “Why do I need to do my job correctly?” In these companies, collaboration and cooperation are valued. Teams and departments communicate globally in order to get the job done successfully.

Live Chat Support: Humanizing Internet Business

Written by Walter Quinn

As popular as automated and digitized business transactions are today, there is still a significant percentage of customers that prefer to do their business the human way. That is, through face-to-face transaction in a traditional business setting. Live chat provides a way to simulate a person-to-person transaction, and thus make online transactions more akin to a traditional business.

live chatPeople crave for a balance between the automation of transactions provided by online businesses and the intimacy of the traditional market haggling that, in many cases, can lead to the establishment of enduring relationship between sellers and buyers. A live support chat is the key to striking that balance.

Instant chat support programs are controlled and managed by actual persons, unlike in straight-up online transactions where the buyer is most likely dealing with a machine. The thought that another person is at the other end makes customers relaxed. The existence of a chat support makes the customer lose the suspicion that exist when customers are dealing directly with an automated responder.

Another feature of live chat that humanizes online business transactions is its corrective ability. Because live support programs are handled by actual human agents, correcting an erroneous response can be done in a matter of seconds. This is not true where a business transaction is done without the intervention of an actual person. For instance, an erroneous transaction may be corrected only after several days when the network administrator or any other employee of the website discovers the glitch. That situation may not occur if there is a live chat software and service integrated into the e-commerce website.

Personalization is another great feature of live support chat. It happens a lot of times that automated responses do not fit squarely to the situations where they are applied. When a website offers an inaccurate and inappropriate pre-defined message as answer to a query, the result is not only embarrassing and awkward, but may actually mean losing a customer. This situation can be remedied by a live support agent, who can ensure that the responses provided to customers are tailored for them.

Having an actual person answer questions and offer solutions is very important in sensitive businesses where the services or products offered are not generic. This ensures that there will be no problems that may arise in the future, or that the misunderstandings are immediately remedied.

Moreover, live agents also help ensure that the invasiveness of the system is controlled. Automated responses can be invasive, not to mention annoying. And these two combined is an effective way to drive away business. With a live support chat agent, this situation can be avoided. However, it must be emphasized that the agents must be trained well in proper decorum to ensure that they are not brazen and inconsiderate when performing their assigned tasks.

Many customers find it disrespectful when they are offered something that they did not ask for, unless what is being offered is a gift with no strings attached. Hence, live agents must know when to upsell or market a new product. This is not a problem if the agents are properly trained. The same cannot be said, though, if it is a machine that performs the upselling and marketing. Chances are, the machine will rely on keyword cues to trigger a task without regard for the appropriateness of the situation.

Finally, a live chat software may collect personal information from customers without their consent. There may not be a problem if the information is not used. However, if the collection was done by a program without human intervention, the information gathered will most likely be used by the machine to send marketing emails, among others. With live chat support, the use of the information is not left to the machine to decide, but to the agent who knows whether doing so is appropriate or not. This way problems are avoided and goodwill with customers is maintained.